Campo del Cielo History

Name: Campo del Cielo
Location: Chaco, Argentina
Type: Coarse IAB, Octahedrite with silicate inclusions

This great meteorite was first discovered in 1572 by Spanish explorers in Chaco, Argentina. Thousands of pieces have been found near some impact craters, the largest weighing an immense 35 TONS! However, these pieces are from a new and previously unknown extension to the strewn field and where discovered at a higher altitude well away from the wet oxidizing conditions of the earlier finds. They are found many miles from the original strewn field. They are being recovered on a mountainside, several feet underground. These come from a location where there is no standing water thus are in great condition. Campo meteorites recovered from this new area are very stable and retain beautiful regmaglypts and patches of fusion crust, bearing very little resemblance to all of the highly weathered earlier finds.

This meteorite was published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletin No. 36
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