Canyon Diablo History

Name: Canyon Diablo
Location: Coconino County, Arizona
Type: Coarse Octahedrite IA

This Meteor Crater was first sighted by the white man in 1871. It wasn't until 1890 that nickel-iron meteorites were discovered on the surrounding plain. It is estimated that the mass was approximately 80 to 100 feet in diameter and weighted about 400,000 tons, and that it originated in the asteroid belt. We believe about 30,000 years ago, this meteorite entered the atmosphere from the north traveling about 43,000 miles per hour leaving a crater 4100 feet across and nearly 600 feet deep. Upon impact, the meteorite is believed to have vaporized and fragments were thrust as far as 11 miles away. Although the composition is 92 % Iron and 7 % Nickel, traces of Platinum, Iridium and Black Diamonds have been found in these specimens. Numerous masses, of total weight over 30 tons and ranging from minute fragments to the largest piece weighting 1406 lbs, have been found in the vicinity of crater like elevation known as Coon Butte, "Crater Mountain" or "Meteor Crater" 10 miles SE of Canyon Diablo.

This meteorite was published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletin No. 33
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