Gibeon History

Name: Gibeon
Location: Namibia Desert, South Africa
Type: Fine Octahedrite IVA

In 1838, J. E. Alexander reported the finding of a large meteorite mass 2 feet square, 3 days' journey northeast of Bethany and near the east bank of the Great Fish River, in Great Namaqualand. This very beautiful and unusual meteorite was found in 1836, although native inhabitants knew about it before then. The Namaquas worked the metal into arrowheads and spear heads. So ductile was it that rifle bullets could be shaped cold. Over 54 large masses totaling more than 15 tons have been found, and so there are a number of synonyms for this occurrence, including Amalia Farm, Bethany, Cabay, Damaraland, Goamus Farm, Great Fish River, Great Namaqualand, Kameelhaar, Kamkas, Lion River, Mukerop, Namaqualand, Springbok River, Wild. Most recovered specimens display flight markings and evidence of violent atmospheric breakup. It has a wonderful, fine octahedrite pattern when etched and is very resistant to rust because of the tight fitting crystals, lack of inclusions and high nickel content. The largest known mass is in the South African Museum, Cape Town; it weighs 650 kilograms (1,430 pounds). Total recovered weight of this meteorite is unknown.

This meteorite was published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletin No. 36
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