Mt. Tazerzait History

Name: Mt. Tazerzait
Location: Tahoua
Type: Olivine Hypersthene Chondrite, L5

This meteorite fell on Niger, south of the Sahara, on August 21st, 1991. It was witnessed by a seven year old Tuareg boy. 

Numerous pieces of this were distributed by a Tuareg man. It is an outstanding, unshocked L5 meteorite, with vugs (hole 

or pocket) containing perfectly crystallized micro-minerals. Additionally, and for the first time, a similarity was discovered 

in the study of the noble gases in 2 meteorites: the Mt. Tazerzait and the one that fell on Baskowka, Poland, in August 1996. 

This could confirm the hypothesis that swarms of meteorites orbiting in space come from one parent body. About 110 kilograms 

                          was recovered.

This meteorite was published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletin No. 81
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