Northwest Africa 1794 History

Name: Northwest Africa 1794
Location: Morocco
Type: Olivine-hypersthene chondrite, LL5

This meteorite was first found in Oct 2002. One piece with the weight of 398 grams was found. The specimen was purchased in Safsaf

This meteorite was published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletin No. 87
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More Information:
Saharan meteorites from Morocco and surrounding countries
Northwest Africa
Purchased or found 1985 to Date
Many meteorites lacking first-hand documentation of the find location are being sold by Moroccan rock and mineral dealers, and by people from other countries who have collected material in Morocco. These meteorites are all sold as Moroccan finds, but there are plausible reports that some were actually collected in Algeria or Western Sahara. Other meteorites have been reported from this region with what appear to be preise find locations. The reliability of locality information associated with these meteorites is difficult to assess due to the anonymity of all of the finders and most of the original sellers, and because the Nomenclature Committee lacks the resources to investigate. All meteorites found in this region are numbered in a "Northwest Africa" (NWA) series. The Nomenclature Committee considers it possible that differently numbered specimens are paired with each other or with other named meteorites, and some may even be derived from the same individual object.


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