Northwest Africa 4664 History

Name: Northwest Africa 4664
Location: Morocco
Type: Basaltic Achondrite, Diogenite, polymict breccia

This meteorite was first discovered in 2006. Several stones of about 6 kilograms was found : This interesting meteorite 

very much resembles a Lunar anorthositic breccia. In fact, that is what it was believed to be until detailed research work 

later showed otherwise. It is believed that this meteorite, as other diogenties, formed as a sub-surface rock on the asteroid 

Vesta. What is really unusual about this specimen is that it is a breccia containing fragments of diogenite rocks of different

compositions. Most are simple "monomict" breccias of one rock type. Prior to this find, only 6 of these "polymict" diogenite

                                   breccias were known.

Never published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletins but some information is available.
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