Northwest Africa 5745

Name: Northwest Africa 5745
Location: Morocco
Type: Achondrite, Ureilite

This meteorite was recovered before January 2006. A total of 1.520 kilograms was recovered. Here are some slices from some material that Mike Martinez and Blaine Reed picked up at the Tucson Show in 2006. I got the thrill of cutting this material for Blaine (NOT easy, this one contains plenty of blade busting diamonds). We had bought several fragments from a large piece that weighted about 9 kilograms that was broken apart at the show. The largest piece 6 kilograms was assigned NWA 2218 and went to Canada with David Gregory and is going to be donated to the Royal Ontario Museum. We have no idea where the other pieces went. Research work showed this material to be mineralogically unusual. It has a lower pyroxene content than most ureilites and is composed mostly of olivine with graphite and micro-diamonds.

This meteorite has not been published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletins at this time.
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