Sayh al Uhaymir 001 History

Name: Sayh al Uhaymir 001
Location: Oman
Type: Olivine Hypersthene Chondrite, L4/5

Sayh al Uhaymir 001, Oman - Olivine Hypersthene Chondrite, L4/5 - Stone Meteorite - On March 10, 2000, a team of Russian meteorite hunters was out searching the Oman Desert. They discovered two different meteorite falls. Recovered were samples from the Dhofar 020 and Sayh al Uhaymir 001 falls. The search was organized by six people using three cars and a land cruiser. On the day before finding the stones the hunters met with each other and decided not to go back to the hotel but stay the night in the desert. Early in the morning, after breakfast, they made there first discovery. During the next three days of collecting more than 256 kilograms of stones were recovered. Over 2000 pieces were recovered the largest piece weighting 65 kilograms. Some days later; a team member was using binoculars and saw a black dot on the surface of the desert. When they reached it they were surprised to find a big fresh stone with a fine fusion crust. It was the first of many thousands of individuals finds with a total weight over 408 kilograms. During this expedition many other meteorites were recovered including two new lunar samples.

This meteorite was published in the Meteoritical Society Bulletin No. 84
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